Disappointment story appears in CommsDay E-zine

WIA disappointed with government response story picked up by professional telecom journal   Want to know more ?

Live Streaming Link to watch the Essex Heights Primary School ISS contact.

On Tuesday the 17th of July students from Essex Heights Primary School will be making contact with the ISS. Watch the contact live.   Want to know more ?

WIA Submission - ACMA Five Year Spectrum Outlook

WIA expresses disappointment with Government response   Want to know more ?

Thailand Cave Rescue - Ham Radio Link

HeyPhone used in cave rescue designed by UK Ham Radio Operator.   Want to know more ?

Watch Live - As Melbourne School Students Talk To The ISS

Tuesday July 17th twelve students from Essex Heights Primary School in Melbourne will get their long-awaited moment to speak with astronaut Serena Aunon-Chancellor KG5TMT on board the ISS.   Want to know more ?

Aussies head to ARDF World Championships

A team of amateurs from Austalia head to 19th IARU World ARDF Championships in September   Want to know more ?

WIA Responds To ACMA Consultation Paper On Amateur Qualifications Frameworks

WIA Submission to the ACMA entitled Amateur Radio - The future of learning and assessment in Australia   Want to know more ?

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